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Purge Ducting

Ratcliffe Power Station, Nottinghamshire
Customer: e-on

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"Purge Ducting"

In 2010 Power System Services were asked to work alongside key strategic partners to design manufacture and install Purge Ducting for the Flue Gas De-sulphurisation plant at Ratcliffe- on –Soar power station in Nottinghamshire. The major element in our scope was to detail and manufacture some 200m of formed circular ducting and surface coat to protect the material of construction from the highly acidic environments present at low temperatures in flue gas lines.

The duct was 100% manufactured in our large factory and trial assembled. The Duct sections were then coated externally with a paint finish suitable for general external weather and internally with a flake lining to combat the very corrosive environment of the flue.

The Duct erection on site was made easy by the attention to detail, the accuracy of survey and the quality of the fabrication.

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