Cement Distribution Depot Installation

Customer: Hope Construction Materials

Location: Dagenham Depot Dagenham, East London

The Opportunity

In late 2015, Hope Construction Materials required a company to part-fabricate and mechanically install the process equipment to transfer cement in bulk from delivery trains, to either lorry or bag distribution for the south east region.

This project involved:

Phase 1

  • Manufacture and installation of 1500m of pneumatic conveying pipework to transport cement from trains to bulk storage cells.
  • Manufacture and installation of aeration plenums on the cell floors to allow discharge to bulk or bag.
  • Manufacture and installation of 1200m of air plenum feed pipework.
  • Installation of compressors.
  • Installation of screw conveyors to lift cement to feed hopper to load bulk wagons.
  • Installation of lorry loading equipment.

Phase 2

  • Manufacture and installation of steelwork support platforms and cement storage hoppers for bagged cement.
  • Manufacture and installation of pneumatic conveying of cement from main storage cells to bagging plant hopper.
  • Installation of cement bagging plant alongside the O.E.M.
  • Installation of palletizing equipment alongside the O.E.M.

The project would require strict adherence to a challenging timescale, quality manufacturing and flexibility to work around other trades on site.

The Solution

Power System Services were awarded the contract and began manufacture of the equipment in late 2015.

Overall there were 445 mild steel aeration plenums required and this was manufactured at our laser cutting factory, where the product was laser cut, welded and folded. The pipework and breakthrough panels were manufactured in our 34,000sq.ft. facility in Chesterfield, as were the platforms and hoppers.

The products were then transported to the site in Dagenham and our experienced site team carried out the installation throughout 2016.

The Outcome

The project was completed safely, on time and within budget. During the installation process one of the main challenges was the installation of the main cell feed pneumatic conveying pipework at a high level, in relative close proximity to mainline train traffic and electrification.

This challenge was overcome by using runway beams and a controlled feed of pipes away from the hazard. The close co-operation with Hope Construction Materials and the various OEM’S on site contributed to the success of the project.

The plant started operating late 2016 and is now feeding top quality Pennines cement to the south east and London area.

Project Images