SAICA Paper Mill

Boiler Installation at SAICA Paper Mill

Customer: Aalborg Engineering

Location : Partington, Greater Manchester

The Opportunity

In 2011, Aalborg Engineering approached Power System Services to install a HRSG boiler as part of the SAICA paper mill development.

The Solution

The project involved numerous key activities, not limited to the following:

  • Logistical support for the delivery of large boiler modules from eastern Europe.
  • Production of lift studies for both unloading and erection often using more than one crane and complicated lifting beam/ strong back arrangements to ensure no distortion takes place.
  • Temporary stabilisation of modules.
  • Structural steelwork erection.
  • Significant quantity of boiler shell welding.
  • Erection of low and high pressure site made and pre manufactured spool pipework.
  • Welding of pipework (> 1000 pressure butts) and NDT.
  • Installation of pressure vessels.
  • Machinery installation such as fans, dampers and gas burners.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Pressure testing.

The boiler installation was a complete success and was delivered on time.

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