Air and gas preheaters


Our air preheater and gas/gas heater services include:

  • On-site inspectionsand measurements
  • Element supply
  • Operational and maintenance advice
  • Overhaul services andmanpower
  • Performance enhancements and sealing options

We record “As found" and "As corrected" measurements in specially prepared quality control documents, so you can see the benefits of our services. Condition reports are produced for all heaters, and all documents are submitted for certification by oursite engineers.

You can choose our services as part of a maintenance contract or seasonal outages. Contact us for a quote on the inspection, repair, replacement, or adjustment of your air and gas preheater elements.


Power System Services is a leading supplier of replacement elements for regenerative air and gas-gas heaters. Our elements are suitable for both Ljungstrom and Rothemuhle style rotary regenerative gas and air preheaters. Specific baskets designs target operational constraints including Ash content and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) fouling, ensuring that pressure drops do not adversely affect boiler efficiency.

Our SCR units are designed to combat ammonia slip, which can lead to the formation of ammonium bisulphate, and accelerated corrosion of element plates. Our solutions help prevent blockages and surface heating caused by these issues.

element supply


We offer tooling for a wide range of element profiles. See the table below for a sample of the profiles we can provide. It should be noted that because profiles are produced uniquely using a combination of press and rolls, we are able to produce any pattern required and indeed new ones also.

Element Thickness (mm) 0.50 0.70 0.80 1.00 1.20
2.5 Double Undulated
2.78 Double Undulated
9.5/3.0 Corrugated Undulated
9.5/3.0 Corrugated Herringbone
3.5 Notched Undulated
CU V75 Staggered
CU V75 Non-Staggered
Corrugated Undulated
Double Undulated
5.5 NP

The table below provides you withinformation on the element materials we offer:

Carbon Steel to EN10130 FePo1 Am 0 or equal
Corten (Corrosion Resisting) Steel

Vitreous Enamel Quality Steel: to EN10209 DC03ED and DC04ED
Element Thickness: 0.50mm to 1.2mm
Element Depth: Maximum Standard Depth 1,250mm
Certification: to EN10204/3.1.B giving chemical & material details

Please get in touch for further information on our full range of element profiles and materials.

Customised basket designs for vertical or horizontal shaft air heaters

Choose from our range of designs, or request a customised basket from our experts. Our standard designs use carbon steel, Corten steel, or enamelled coated steel, and include:

  • Fully wrapped basket
  • Frame designs for lightweight frames
  • End plate sandwich designs

We take comprehensive measurement to ensure your basket is the correct size, permitting easy insertion and removal. This minimises leakage between your basket and division plates/radial walls. We can advise on the most appropriate design to minimise bypass and promote life expectancy.

Our measures include:

  • Site survey to measure rotor sector openings and establish correct dimensions
  • Standard manufacturing tolerances: +0 -3mm overall plan. +3 -3mm on depth
  • Plan dimensions selected on nominal 3 to 5mm of tightest fit
customised basket designs


Element coatings using vitreous enamel are of the highest quality available.

Benefits include:

  • The highest level of coating
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Controlled packing pressure to avoid packing damage
  • Wet electrostatic enamelling by porcelain enamelling specialists, Ferro Techniek
  • Long lifetime in aggressive environments
  • Lowflow resistance
  • Resistance to temperature shocks
  • High level of Edge Coverage
  • Even coating due to the application process


All our baskets are shrink-wrapped for weather proofing, palletised, and secured with metal banding to prevent damage. Each basket is individually itemised so it can be easily tracked.

Our pallets are numbered for shipment identification, and can be specially sized to meet all requirements. Fumigation is also offered, if needed.

vitreous enamel baskets


Our comprehensive service ensures the condition of your sealing systems is thoroughly checked, enabling us tooffertailoredadvice on improving thermal performance.

Air flow interference is introduced by our solutions, reducing oxygen leakage and improving boiler efficiency and the power efficiency of your fans.


Our patented, customisable radial seals are easy to install, highly resistant to wear, and maximise efficiencies by reducing cross-sector leakage, and mitigating against sag or expansion of the preheater due to fluctuating temperatures. For units limited by fan capacities, free megawatts are achieved, by optimising air flow into the boiler whilst reducing fan power requirements.

All our basket sealsare designed to improve thermal performance by reducing element by-pass. They are easy to fit and do not hinder.

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The principle of doubling the number of Axial and radial seals is to introduce faster interferance for leakage air across sector plates. We have successfully introduced axial sealing at Drax, Ferrybridge, littlebrook and Didcot, as a secondary leakage measure to deal with high cross sector leakage.

axial and radial